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Welcome to P6, the best year in the school!

On this page you will find pictures, useful information and some links to help in your work.


To find work for Thursday 7th and Friday 8th January,

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Remember to keep safe when at home and keep washing your hands regularly.







This is the place to see what P6 are doing each Term.  Look at the folders below to find out what topics we are covering each month.  There are lots of pictures of us hard at work and having fun and also lots of amazing links to many amazing topics.

Suggested Timetable 18th-22nd Jan

Suggested Timetable 11th-15th January



Washing Hands

Remember it is so important to wash your hands.

Remember to wash your hand regularly at home during the day.

Home Learning Archives

Welcome back again to another week in P6.  Hard to believe it is week 12!


This will be your final week of work on the website


Remember your packs can be collected Monday 22nd June.


Your reports can be collected Monday 29th June


Week 12 Monday 22nd June –  Friday 26th June



  • Write a book review based on a book you have been reading while at home.  
  • Viking Story – This week we are coming to the end of the Viking story.  The Voyage Home.
  •  Reflection of P6



  • Probability-  Probability is all about the chance of something happening. 


  • Volume – This week we are learning all about volume.  You will be counting cubes and also working out the volume of containers.  


World Around Us

  • Keep working on your Viking presentation - Closing date is Friday 26th June



  • We would like you to create a poster showing us some of your highlights of your time in P6.



  •  This week the Kahoot is a different.  It's a how much do you know about Mr P and Mr R?




  • We would like you to get someone at home to take a picture of you pulling a funny face.  


We hope you have a great week, if you think we have missed anything or you need help with work, please contact us, that's what we're here for!



Week 11 Monday 15th June-Friday 19th June


(There will be supplementary PowerPoint\ interactive activities on the P6 page of the website)



1. Comprehension – Spicy and Medium: Inference and Deduction Comprehensions (please discuss together with an adult), Mild: Reuben and the World Cup Watch


2. Viking Story – Over the next few weeks we would like you to use their planning to write their Viking Adventure Story. This week, we would like your child to focus on :

The Raid.

It's time to describe the Raid with lots of description – adjectives, verbs and adverbs can all be used to make the story feel alive and interesting. - details on the Literacy page


This week we are looking at capacity. There will be PowerPoint and videos to look at first, before attempting the worksheets. Please have a go at the estimating exercise, just like the weighing one last week. You will need a jug and lots of different empty containers, all shapes and sizes work. Just make sure estimation is done first. – it is both fun and important for foundational knowledge. Keep a towel handy!

World Around Us

This week and next week we would like you to work on a presentation of three sub-topic areas within the main topic of Vikings. Try to have at least 1 sub-topic that you have not learned about, for example clothes, food, jewellery etc. There will be a booklet on the website to help you with lots of different sub-topics.

You can choose to do a PowerPoint, and audio report, a video, a poster presentation like your biographies before Christmas – it is up to you. You have 2 weeks to do it so plenty of time to research and refine it, the closing date will be 26th June


We would like you to build a longhouse. Again, watch the PowerPoint and look at the example on the website before attempting the task. The Creative page has all the details


Use the link and/or PIN to join in the Weekly competition


We would like you to make up your own sports day event – be as creative and imaginative as you can – send a photo in with you doing it and an explanation of the event!



We hope you have a great week, if you think we have missed anything or need help with work, please contact us, that's what we're here for!

Week 10

Monday 8th - Friday 12th June


Just to inform you that work posted on the website will be available in packs from school each Monday over the next 3 weeks.


The pack for this week can be collected from school on Monday 8th June from 9.30-12pm.


All work will still be available on the website if you are not able to come to school to collect the pack.




Those who have been working on AQE tests there are more tests within your pack.  If there are not tests in your pack and you wish to still have them please contact us.   If you have any questions about the AQE tests, need help explaining any part of the test or no longer wish your child to work on these please inform us via email.


We have created a new AQE Guidance folder on the P6 page.  We hope you find this page useful.  There are some excellent videos explaining a wide variety of AQE type questions.


Our Numeracy, Literacy and WAU work this week will focus on the following areas



  • Working on the next part of your Viking story- The Voyage
  • Learning about what abbreviations are



  • Working with weight- Estimating, converting,reading scales and word problems 



  • Looking at Viking settlements


There will also be the usual fun and challenging Kahoot and a great Science based creative challenge. 



P6 home learning video.mp4

Still image for this video

Working from home

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Welcome to the Archives.


Below are lots of pictures and videos showing what P6 have been up to over the last couple of years.  We always have fun while we learn in P6.

Nerve Centre animation visited P6

Animation P6P

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Science Pollination experiment

Rugby and paralympic sport in PE

P6R's Viking surprise

Still image for this video

P6P's Viking surprise

Still image for this video

Viking warning call

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Habitat for Humanity Our Waste Our World visit

P6 Parent Information Power Point