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Kahoot Challenge


Kahoot is great for quizzes.  On occasions in P6 we will use Kahoot to have a whole P6 challenge.  These challenges could be linked to a number of topics.  




How do I play?


  • You will be sent a link on here to click on to get to the quiz.
  • You might want to download the Kahoot App to play as well.
  • If using the Kahoot App you click on Enter Pin and enter the pin we give you.


  • When playing you  must enter your first name and class so we can identify you. 
  • Then click the button
  • You should then be in a lobby and see your name.
  • Next questions will come up.  You need to think of the answer.  Up to 4 options will come up and you click on the answer you think is correct.  You have a time limit for each question.
  • The quicker you answer and the more you get correct in a row the more points you get.
  •  At the end you will see your total score. 


  Good luck with the Kahoot Challenges in P6.