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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff and governors at our school!

Senior Leadership team


Mr Chris Logan      Principal

Mr C Bradley         Vice Principal (Acting)

Mrs J Smyth         Head of Nursery Unit      

Miss H McNeilly      Head of KS2 / ICT Coordinator

Mrs S Lindsay        Head of Foundation and KS1 / Numeracy Coordinator

Mrs C Totton         Special Educational Needs Coordinator


Middle Leadership team

Mrs S O'Connor -     Literacy Coordinator

Mrs H Lyons -         Assessment Coordinator

Mr K Pinkerton -     WAU Coordinator

Miss C Seaton-        Music Coordinator

Mrs N Robinson -     Art and Drama Coordinator

+ Mrs Lindsay, Miss McNeilly, Mrs Totton and Mr Bradley


Teaching Staff



Mrs J Smyth



Mrs L James

Mrs J Rice 



Mrs G Drysdale (Mrs M Hamilton - cover)

Mrs N Robinson



Mrs S Lindsay

Mrs S O'Connor



Mrs H Lyons and Mrs C Frame

Mrs C Totton



Miss H McNeilly

Mr K Pinkerton



Mr M Richardson

Miss A Daye(Mrs Shaw's Career break cover)



Miss C Seaton

Mr C Bradley


Mrs S Carroll - Literacy Support

Mrs A McAuley - Numeracy Support



Board Of Governors

Dr S Crooks- Chairperson


Rev I Gilpin

Mr J Knaggs

Mr E Simpson - Vice Chairperson

Canon J Barry


Mrs J McDonald - Parent Representative

Miss H McNeilly - Teacher Representative

Mr J Palmer - Board Representative

Mr D Huddleston - Co-opted member


Mr C Logan - Secretary


Classroom Assistants


Mrs A McIver

Mrs J Brown

Miss R Gibson

Mrs K Davison

Mrs D Moreland

Mrs A Ritchie

Mrs D Andrews

Mrs C Robinson

Mrs J Galway

Mrs A McNeilly

Mrs A Tyrie

Mrs K Lindsay

Mrs L Bell

Mrs B Huddleston

Miss S Beers

Miss C  Barrett


Executive Officer


Mrs J Hoey




Mr S Galway


Crossing Patrol


Mr K Lindsay


Cleaning Staff


Mrs C Pipes

Mrs K Hinds

Mrs K Robinson

Mrs D McConnell


Lunchtime Supervisors


Mrs A McKaig

Mrs J Hoey

Mrs J Galway



Catering Staff


Mrs C Pipes

Mrs H Johnston

Meet The Staff

Meet The Staff 1 Mr Chris Logan
Meet The Staff 2 Mrs Jane Smyth
Meet The Staff 3 Miss Heather McNeilly
Meet The Staff 4 Mrs Siobhan O'Connor
Meet The Staff 5 Mrs Clare Shaw
Meet The Staff 6 Mr Craig Bradley
Meet The Staff 7 Mrs Hilary Lyons
Meet The Staff 8 Miss Caroline Seaton
Meet The Staff 9 Mrs Naomi Robinson
Meet The Staff 10 Mrs Gail Drysdale
Meet The Staff 11 Mrs Lauren James
Meet The Staff 12 Mrs Sarah Carroll
Meet The Staff 13 Mr Keith Pinkerton
Meet The Staff 14 Mrs Judith Hoey
Meet The Staff 15 Mr Sam Galway
Meet The Staff 16 Mrs Avra McIver
Meet The Staff 17 Mrs Jenny Brown
Meet The Staff 18 Mrs Karen Lindsay
Meet The Staff 19 Mrs Ann Tyrie
Meet The Staff 20 Mrs Janet Galway
Meet The Staff 21 Mrs Anne McNeilly
Meet The Staff 22 Mrs Anne McKaig
Meet The Staff 23 Mrs Claire Pipes
Meet The Staff 24 Mrs Kate Robinson
Meet The Staff 25 Mrs Davina McConnell