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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff and governors at our school!

Senior Leadership team


Mr Chris Logan      Principal

Mr M Skimin         Vice Principal 

Mrs N Robinson     Head of Nursery Unit      

Mrs H Boyd           Head of KS2 / ICT Coordinator

Miss S Calvert       Head of Foundation and KS1 / Numeracy Coordinator

Mrs C Totton         Special Educational Needs Coordinator


Middle Leadership team

Mrs S O'Connor -     Literacy Coordinator

Mrs H Lyons -         Assessment Coordinator

Mr K Pinkerton -     WAU Coordinator

Miss C Seaton-        Music Coordinator


+ Miss Calvert, Mrs Boyd, Mrs Totton and Mr Skimin


Teaching Staff



Mrs N Robinson



Mrs L James / Mrs A McAuley

Mrs J Rice/ Mrs N Chivers



Mrs C Shaw

Mrs S O'Connor



Miss S Calvert

Mrs C Totton /  Mrs A Daye



Mrs H Lyons / Mrs T Fraser

Mrs G Drysdale



Mrs H Boyd



Mr K Pinkerton



Mr M Richardson 



Miss C Seaton

Mr  M Skimin


Mrs S Carroll - Literacy Support




Board Of Governors

Dr S Crooks- Chairperson


Rev I Gilpin

Mr J Knaggs

Mr E Simpson - Vice Chairperson

Rev S Johnston


Mrs J McDonald - Parent Representative

- Teacher Representative

Mrs E Fraser - Board Representative

Mr D Huddleston - Co-opted member


Mr C Logan - Secretary


Classroom Assistants


Mrs J Brown

Miss R Gibson

Mrs D Moreland

Mrs A Ritchie

Mrs D Andrews

Mrs J Galway

Mrs A McNeilly

Mrs A Tyrie

Mrs K Lindsay

Mrs B Huddleston

Miss S Beers

Mrs L Telford

Mrs D Harvey-Smith

Mrs L Kerr


Executive Officer


Mrs J Hoey




Mr S Galway


Crossing Patrol


Mr K Lindsay


Cleaning Staff


Mrs C Pipes

Mrs K Hinds

Mrs P Hare

Mrs D McConnell


Lunchtime Supervisors


Mrs A McKaig

Mrs K Massey

Mrs J Hoey

Mrs J Galway



Catering Staff




Meet The Staff