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Physical Education (P.E.)

Subject Co-ordinator - Mr M. Skimin


P.E is a vital part of school life. The children are encouraged to develop their physical competence and confidence and how to apply this to a range of activities. We provide the opportunities for children of all abilities to be creative and competitive and learn how to work both individually and to co-operate as part of a team.


Above all, through regular participation in physical education at school, pupils realise that regular exercise is not determined by the level of skill but is there to be enjoyed by all, allowing children to improve their confidence and awareness of the importance of physical activities to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Our P5-7 children undertake swimming lessons at Ards Blair Mayne Leisure Centre. The specialist swimming teachers there help children to learn how to swim, and further develop the skills of others. We also have, on occasions, the opportunity for specialists in certain sports to visit school and take certain classes for different sports, e.g. football, cricket.


In Comber Primary School, children participate in a wide variety of sports. Outside of those offered through our P.E. curriculum, there is a huge range of extra curricular activities on offer throughout each week. You can find out about these in our club pages of the website.