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The Arts

The Arts

Subject Co-ordinators - Miss. C Seaton/Mrs. N Robinson


This Area of Learning comprises the subjects of Art and Design, Drama and Music.  It provides rich opportunities for developing creativity, allowing children to express their ideas, feelings and interpretations of the world through pictures, sound, drama and dance.


Art and design enables children to understand and appreciate the visual world through observation and analysis. Technical skills are developed alongside imagination and creativity. Fine motor skills are essential for control over paint brushes and chalks and these are developed throughout Nursery-P7.


All the children have access to a full range of materials for drawing, painting, printing, textiles work and the use of natural materials, such as clay. Art activities are often linked to topics from the World Around Us that children are studying, and at times studies of famous artists’ work are undertaken.


Artwork from the children is presented around the school on display boards and also on the walls in classrooms. This gives the children a chance to take pride in their own work and to show appreciation to the work that others have created. We also have an 'Artist of the Half-term' where one piece of artwork per class is chosen as a distinguished piece of work by the teacher.


In Comber Primary School we seek to develop in each child a lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of music. Children engage in music lessons within their own classes linked with many other areas of the curriculum, particularly The World Around Us. Older children also have the opportunity to learn to play the recorder.  Children also have one 40 minute Hymn Singing session per week where children practise their singing.


The children have many chances to perform both inside and outside school in services and a variety of other performances. Junior (P4) and Senior Choirs (P5-7) are a feature of our school, and along with the various music groups, perform at both Christmas and End of Year events.


We also have musical groups in CPS and specialist teachers come in to teach string and brass instruments.


We are so glad to have our violin and brass lessons up and running again for 2021! Mr Lynch is back to teach the violinists and we have a new tutor, Miss Murray, who has been taking brass. 

For the first time in CPS, we have also welcomed Mr Hamilton who has started some pupils on the guitar! 

Here are some of our wonderful musicians:

We have so many talented artists here in CPS. Have a look at some of the wonderful art work on display around our school:

2016 - 2017


It has been a busy year in Comber Primary School this year with regards to The Arts. Every class has been busy creating masterpieces within their classes. We also undertook the mammoth task of performing a school show this year with children from P5-7 taking part. The main cast consisted of P6/7 children and the senior choir made up the chorus. We performed many classics from 'Stage and Screen'. It was a huge success and a super opportunity for the pupils. A huge 'WELL DONE' to all the children who took part.

Artist of the Half Term

Stage and Screen


Stage and Screen photos are now available to purchase from www.whisperingshores.co.uk


Once you are on the homepage, click on 'galleries', then 'other work' and finally 'Comber Primary School'. To view the photos enter the password cpsphotos.


Many thanks to Melissa Gordon for all of her help with photos. Here is a snapshot of her wonderful work below: