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The World Around Us

The World Around Us

Subject Co-ordinator - Mr K. Pinkerton


The World Around Us is a hugely important area of the curriculum and school life here at Comber Primary School as it allows the children the opportunity to find out information through asking questions, research and allows them to develop a natural curiosity and awe about the wonderful world around them. It comprises of three key areas of; Science, History and Geography.


From the very beginning of their school life, children are encouraged to question why things happen in the way they do, and to ask scientific questions to investigate further. Through a huge range of topics that have been developed in each year group, all children develop a sense of understanding and realisation about the way the world works, what has happened in the past and how things that we do can impact others further away.  Topics children will experience in Comber Primary are: Space, Polar Lands, Recycling, Early Man, Titanic, Water, Plants and Seeds, Castles, The Rainforest and People Who Help Us to name a few.


Some of the objectives we have for our teaching of the children are:

  • To ask and answer scientific questions;
  • To plan and carry out investigations;
  • To learn about life today and in the past;
  • To learn about materials, electricity, forces and senses;
  • To know more about the solar system in which we live;
  • To understand different cultures around the world;
  • To learn how best to look after our planet.


Children also enjoy many visits to museums, farms, National Trust parks, WWT centres etc. away from school. They also learn through a variety of organisations who bring areas of learning right into the classroom through classroom visits.


We are also very fortunate to have our outdoor learning area, 'Big Bear Wood', which we can use for many of our WAU lessons and also for lessons to enhance all curriculum areas.



In school we usually do a Science Day but you now have the chance to do some of the activities at home with your child. The activities are fun.  Why not spend an hr doing one of them.  


Each activity is linked to an Irish Scientist and there is a fun PowerPoint to watch, a lesson plan of what the lesson is all about and also worksheets.


Although the lessons are divided up into Nursery to P7, you can pick any of the activities you might like to do.  Most can be done using materials you already have in your house.    


I hope you have fun doing some of these activities.


Mr Pinkerton

Finding out More

There are so many amazing websites out there to help your child learn more about Geography, History and Science.


Below are some great links for both Key Stage 1 and 2 and they focus on a wide variety of topics.


Take time to look at them and I hope you and your child enjoy learning new fun facts.



Geography, History and Science websites

A sunny day in BBW

Pollination experiment in P6

Cancer Focus N.I. visit

Switch off Fortnight Fact Hunt

P4 Space Models



Waste Week


Monday 6th March saw the beginning of Waste Week. In Comber Primary School we thought about waste and more importantly the need to reduce, reuse and recycle. We took part in various classroom activities and some of us even got to explore BBW for a few facts about waste.