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Subject Co-ordinator - Mrs S. O'Connor


'Literacy focuses on developing each child's ability to understand and use language as an integral part of learning in all areas. Children need to interact effectively in the world around them, to express themselves creatively, to progress their learning of the wider curriculum confidently using the four modes of language: talking and listening, reading and writing.'

(Framework for Literacy Development, NI Curriculum)


In Comber Primary School we have many brilliant resources for Literacy and these include a fully stocked library for personal use and enjoyment of the children and levelled books for guided reading through class groups. Teachers use a variety of methods to encourage and promote the enjoyment of reading to all and this is done through guided reading, shared reading, modelled reading and paired reading. We have also recently introduced Reciprocal Reading, where the children become more independent and collaborate together to complete their shared reading sessions. We also have a supportive band of volunteers who come in to take children for 'Time to Read'. This runs for children in P4-7 where selected children have a small group reading 'boost' session.  We thank all of our volunteers for their time and commitment to this worthwhile initiative.


Writing is another of the key aspects to Literacy in school. Children are encouraged from a young age to form letters and try to grasp writing and to present work neatly through a range of engaging tasks. Creative writing incorporates many of the grammar rules the children learn throughout the year and tasks are structured so that nobody will be left bereft of ideas! Imagination can run wild in these times and this is encouraged within the parameters of the task. Children are encouraged to spell common High Frequency Words and spell using the Linguistic Phonics approach throughout the school.


Talking and Listening is an important element to the lives of those children in our school also. Many class activities allow for children to present opinions and discuss key points in front of each other, and are given a chance to respond to the points of others also. The high level of confidence and ability achieved through Talking and Listening can be seen through the array of assemblies, services and shows during the year that our children take part in so well.


Reciprocal Reading in CPS