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Subject Co-ordinator - Miss S. Calvert 


Numeracy is the development and application of mathematics across the curriculum and in real life situations. Skills in numeracy should help children to make informed and responsible choices and decisions throughout their lives.


Throughout the primary school, children should engage in a wide range of purposeful activities which should involve them in different modes of mathematical learning, including playing, exploring and investigating, doing and observing, talking and listening, asking questions, reflecting, drafting, reading and recording. (NI Curriculum)


Numeracy permeates all aspects of work in school and is interlinked with all other curriculum areas.


Practical activities are an important part of the development of mathematical skills and continue to be used throughout the school. We have a wide range of mathematical resources to support these activities and a number of computer programmes that the children have available to them both in classrooms and in our computer suite. Children also develop their mathematical skills in our outdoor play areas in the playground and in Big Bear Wood.



Problem Solving and Investigations throughout P1-7.


We use our thinking skills in working independently and with others to complete tricky problem solving activities. Solving problems provides a welcome challenge to many, however they teach us the importance of perseverance in sticking at a problem and coming to a solution, or a few solutions. Children are given more open-ended numeracy activities with the onus on developing mathematical thinking and a deeper understanding of the subject. The investigations have been split into different types:

  • Finding All Possibilities
  • Logic & Reasoning
  • Exploring Patterns and Relationships
  • Visual/Diagram Problems


We have great fun approaching numeracy activities in this way. Have a look at some of our work from across the school…



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