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This week we are looking at a new topic.  We have looked at mean or average before but we are going to revise this and also learn about median,mode and range.


Take time to look over the PowerPoint and watch the videos.  After that have a go at the activities in your group folder.


Remember if you do the tasks and are not sure about any of it make sure you send us an email and we will give you some help.  


Good luck

Mean, Median, Mode, & Range (Lazy Song Parody)

Learn mean, median, mode, and range by singing along to this Bruno Mars parody! We'll give you examples, define what they mean, and get you moving.

The Mean, Median and Mode Toads

Hey Diddle Diddle - a neat way to remember Median, Mean, Mode and Range

Learn about how to find the mean,median,mode and range


Now it is time to play Millionaire Maths. Open:


and pick 1 set to play. See how many you can get right out of 15. The answers are included. 


If you have time play a few more sets during the week. 


Sent us a picture of you playing the game and tell us how many you got right. 


Added Challenge

Write down the amounts of money you won for each question. Then add up all those amounts of money and see what you have won overall. 


Sadly Mr Richardson and Mr Pinkerton are not rich so it's just virtual money you win! 


Good luck