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This week your creative challenges are based on some cool Science.


Pick one to do or do all 3 if you have the time.


1. Colour Changing Milk

2. Oil and water mixing

3. Water fireworks



Experiment 1    You will need

1. A bowl or plate

2. Milk

3. Food colouring

4. Washing up liquid

5. A cotton bud


Top tips

After trying this out myself last week here is some advice.


1. Work on this with someone at home

2. Make sure you have the plate sitting on a flat surface.

3.  Be careful when using the food colouring as it might stain if it gets on your clothes.

3.  Don't use very much food colouring.  The video says 1 drop.

4.  Don't stick the whole cotton bud into the milk.  Only hover the tip of it over the food colouring 


6.  Be careful when tidying up.  You don't want to spill the coloured milk all over the floor!


Here are your instructions.  You can also watch the videos below too.
















Watch the videos below.  


Magic Milk - Pop Up Science Experiment

The magic milk experiment is a classic! I remember doing it myself as a child.

Colour Changing Milk - Sick Science!

It's an explosion of colour! Some very unusual things happen when you mix a little milk, food colouring, and a drop of liquid soap.

Experiment 2 Oil & Water - Pop Up Science Experiment

Experiment 3 How to do Fireworks in a jar science experiment

This simple fun science experiment can be done with items from your kitchen.

We would love to see how these experiments turned out for you.


Take a picture or a video to show us how you got on.


Videos of the water fireworks would be great.