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Weapons and Warfare

This week we are looking a little closer at the Viking's weapons, particularly their shield.

Have a look at the following presentations and then your task is to …

  • Make your own shield

The following documents will give you an idea of how to go about it and what you need.


Research these -



Viking Shields

Viking Shield Wall

You Had to Be Strong Just to Wear the Armor as a Viking

Sword Fighting As It Was For the Vikings

The Viking Warrior

Dear Parents

This term P6 are studying ‘The Vikings’.  It is hoped that we can make impressive Viking shields with the children and would ask for your help in providing, if possible, the following materials.

  • Large circle of sturdy cardboard (minimum diameter 50 cm)       



  • Two ¼ inch bolts or long screws with flat round head and flat end
  • Four washers
  • Four nuts to tighten screws                                    
  • These will be used to make the handle secure


You will need to

  • Design your shield -    on the Creative page you will see a template to help you design the pattern