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Hello all!

This week we have the following activities - 

1) Comprehension  2) Synonyms  3) Planning Viking Story   4) Spellings


Roald Dahl Comprehension




Synonyms and antonyms are great ways to improve your written work. You can use a Thesaurus, Dictionary or Internet to find more interesting ways to say and write things. Look at the Power Point and links, then have a go at the worksheets.

5 Tips For Using A Thesaurus

My Viking Adventure!


You are now ready to plan your 1st draft of your Viking story. Use your story board to plan the story –


    • Plan out the 5 parts of the story with bullet points

    • A problem(s) that you need to solve

    • Overcoming the problem(s)

    • Conclusion – The Ending


1.Introduction – setting, use your descriptive setting piece

2. Character – describe your character to the reader – use the help sheets and your earlier writing

3. The Voyage

4. The Raid

5.The journey home/conclusion


Look at the Power Point and link  below, and use the template to help plan.