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We would like you to design a PLAN VIEW of a Viking Settlement on the sheet provided.


We are also keen to have a look at any 3d models!  You might want to create a virtual settlements in, for example, Minecraft!


There were lots of different buildings on a Viking settlement.



Your job will be to create your own Viking settlement.

Remember you will draw on each building on the planning page given in your pack.  You can also find the planning page below.  Remember to colour each building carefully.


On the right side of the page are boxes.  This is where you tell us what the buildings are.  This is called the key.

You need a key so anyone who looks at your plan view drawing will be able to tell what the buildings are.  When you fill in each box write below it what the building is.


Things to consider

  • Where will you put the protective wall around the settlement?
  • How close will the settlement be to rivers and the sea?
  • What buildings are in your settlement?
  • What would you need to think about for a Black/Ironsmith?


Good luck with the challenge.

Please send us a copy of your settlement when you are finished.