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This week we are starting to look at our next topic -  The Vikings


Every week we will be setting you some tasks linked to the Vikings.


Focus for this week.

1.  Who were the Vikings

2.  Timeline of key events from the Viking period

3.  Where did the Vikings come from?

4.  Reading facts in the Viking Book


Task 1


Task 2

  • We would like you to make a timeline about key events from the Viking period.
  • Use the information provided including the date and event.
  • You can draw the timeline onto paper putting the events in order and adding detail
  •  You can create it on the computer using one of the templates provided or make up your own.


We would like you to try to send us, via email, or Seesaw, either your completed timeline or a picture of you working on it by Friday 15th January.


Next week we will be looking at how Vikings travelled so you might want to do some early research on what the boats were called and what they looked like.  You will also be making your own model using the templates given.

The Viking Book - All you need to know about The Vikings

Viking word dictionary