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1)Spelling  2) Reading   3) Comprehension  4) Viking Story  5) Abbreviations

Keep working on your spellings.


Frequency words group you might want to test yourself on some of the words you have been looking over for the last 5 weeks.

So far you should have completed the following


1.  Set the scene in the longhouse

2. Created your Viking Character

3.  Created your storyboard for your story

4. Planned your story




Now you should be ready to start to write your Viking Adventure Story.

Remember to use all your planning from the last 2 or 3 weeks


Focus for this week :                        Leaving the village and the voyage to the raid.


  • You need to write about leaving home and the voyage.  Use your story board to help
  • Close your eyes first and picture in your head what happens before writing  
  • Remember you need to add in detail.
  • Add in lots of adjectives, verbs and adverbs to make the story feel alive and interesting. 
  • We don't just want you to get on the boat and then arrive at your destination.
  • There may be a storm that happens, or you are discovered hiding, whatever you want to happen.
  • Just make sure you have lots of detailed description so the reader can picture it.
  • Use all that knowledge you now have about the longboats.


Example for a starter

I lay hidden in the storage space under the benches and could feel the gentle rocking of the boat to and forth. The salty smell of the dried fish was overwhelming and I wasn't sure I could stay hidden for a whole voyage. Suddenly the boat dipped and rose violently and the sound of warriors laughing, joking and teasing grew loud. I heard and felt a warrior flop down heavily on the bench above and begin to pray to Odin, I knew it was too late to get off...”


Remember you are just writing about the voyage this week.

Once you have written this section of the story send us a copy.  We would love to see what you write.






This week we are looking at abbreviations


When you think  of abbreviations today most people think about sending a text message.


Abbreviations are used when writing names of places, days of the week, months of the year and the names of countries.


I am sure you can think of a number of abbreviated words.




This week we want you to 

  1. Watch the videos
  2. Look over the PowerPoint
  3. Have a go at the Abbreviations booklet in your pack or you can find the same sheets below.

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