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This week's Challenge - Dress as a Viking and Take a Photo


AS we are going to miss our Viking day, we thought you could have your own and dress up as a Viking!!!

Below are some ideas for a costume, remember THIS IS OPTIONAL!

Dressing up needn’t be challenging nor expensive. Costumes are easily made from existing clothing and there is no need to get something from a fancy dress shop. In fact your clothing will be more authentic if it’s not!

So if you want to make a quick, cheap and simple authentic home-made outfit, you can wear:

Viking or Saxon Warrior

  • A long sleeved, oversize plain T-shirt, any colour but muted ones are best. Borrow your dad’s or big brother’s.

  • A thin belt, leather or fabric. A plain tie-belt from a dressing gown will do at a push.

  • A pair of plain dark leggings or jogging bottoms

  • Plain dark shoes or short boots

  • Cover a plastic bowl with foil to wear as a helmet.

Viking Lady

A plain coloured long dress or top and skirt

  • A plain long tabard-style apron (this can just be a rectangle of fabric with a hole cut in it for the head), or at a push, a plain kitchen apron.

  • A thin belt

  • A pair of round or oval badges or brooches, one to be worn on each side of the chest just below the collar bone

  • A string of beads to hang between the two brooches

  • Plain dark shoes or short boots

  • Hair plaited in a single plait at the back

What not to wear - Fancy dress costumes are usually expensive, inaccurate and just plain silly.

Here are some ideas – just lose the horns on the helmets! We have already made a shield.