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Tasks for 11th January-15th January

Mental Maths   Times table practice   Prime Numbers   Square Numbers- 


Start off the week with a times tables challenge.  We want you to work on the mixed section on Hit the Answer or Hit the Question.  Your challenge is to see if you can get 20 or more correct in 1 minute.  If you don't quite reach 20 then have another go to try and beat your last score. 





Kahoot Challenge


Click this link to take you to the Kahoot page   Kahoot | Comber Primary School (secure-primarysite.net)



Mental Maths  

Every day spend a few minutes completing a page of the speed test booklet in your folder.


Time to look again at Prime Numbers


  • Remember a prime number is a number that only 1 and itself goes into
  • Check out the links below to find out more




Prime Numbers to 100 game

  How quickly can you identify the prime numbers?  Good luck







Square Numbers

  • Time to refresh your memory on what square numbers are



  • Now time to test your knowledge.  Find the square numbers using Hit the Button