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The Kahoot for week 1 is now over.  Well done to everyone who took part.


Click here for the podium.  




Not including Mr P here is the top 10.  Well done if you made it into the top 10 and well done to Abigail in P6R who came out top of P6.



Week 1 Kahoot Challenge 11th-15th January


  • This week your quiz has been made and is on times tables which you should all be amazing at.


How do I play?

  1. Click on the link below



     **  If using the Kahoot App click on Enter Pin and type in 09188550


2.  You must enter your first name and class so we can identify you.  Then click the button

3.  You should then be in a lobby and see your name.

4.  Next questions will come up.  You need to think of the answer.  4 options will come up and you           click on the answer you think is correct.  You have a time limit for each question.

5.  The quicker you answer and the more you get correct in a row the more points you get.

6.   You have a page beside you if you need to do any working out.

7.   At the end you will see your total score. 

8.  You are able to play the game again another time if you want to try and beat your score.


***The top 5 scores will be announced on Friday 15th.  Good luck. ***   Which class can come out on top?