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Numeracy Tasks

Welcome back you marvellous mathematicians! This week we are looking at Perimeter, both with simple shapes and more complex                      compound shapes

Activities - 1) Mental Maths  2) Perimeter of shapes  3) Perimeter of compound Shapes (spicy & medium) 4) Word Problems

Read the Power Points, websites and Seesaw perimeter explanations then attempt the worksheets. Have fun!

Please look at the pages on Perimeter in your learning sheet.

How to Find the Perimeter of an Irregular Shape

Perimeter - Primary

This video explains how to find the perimeter of a shape. Ideal for Key Stage 2 students (

Math Antics - Perimeter

Read Compound Perimeter (Medium & Spicy)

Optional Extra Perimeter activity


If you have completed the tasks above and want to have a go at a variety of extra questions on perimeter have a look at this document.  These questions are optional.  The answers are enclosed too for you to mark.


Perimeter (corbettmathsprimary.com) 

perimeter-answers.pdf (corbettmathsprimary.com)