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Over the next few weeks in Literacy you will be writing a Viking story.


We do not want you to write your story yet but we want you to plan your story by creating a Storyboard


Your story will be about a Viking adventure.

  • It starts off in the longhouse which you wrote about in previous weeks.
  • You will go off on a voyage somewhere
  • You will raid somewhere
  • You will face a problem along the way and have to solve that problem
  • You will make a journey home


It is up to you to decide where you go and what you do but you will need to create 6-8 detailed pictures which will help to explain the story.


We want you to draw the pictures and then colour them neatly. 

We would like you to send us your fully coloured storyboard by Friday 12th February.




Storyboard template you can use or create your own