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This week we are learning all about Viking Gods.  You might have heard some of their names before.  Have a look through the videos and PowerPoint so you can learn more. Loki is one of the best.


Tasks to complete

  1. Read through the PowerPoint
  2. Watch the videos
  3. Create a Character profile for 3 of the Gods- who were they and what were their powers?
  4. S​​​​​​end us a picture of your poster
  5. There is a link to Viking Sagas-  We want you to do Saga 1 all about Loki


Optional Extra Activities

  • Viking Gods wordsearch
  • Viking Gods colouring sheets
  • Use the Viking runes to find the names of the Gods
  • Create your own Viking God

Learn lots of interesting facts about the Viking Gods.

Find out about VIKINGS: Norse Gods & Goddesses [Thor, Loki, Odin and more]