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Make a Longhouse!



We would like you to build a longhouse. Again, watch the PowerPoint and look at the example on the website before attempting the task. We have some photos for you to use as ideas, for the very ambitious there is a construction sheet that shows the skeleton of a longhouse. For this you could use card, straws, paper, sticks or doweling for example.

A simpler way would be to find a shoebox and use it to convert into a longhouse.

You might want to create a virtual longhouse in, for example, Minecraft!






Examples of Home-made Longhouses







We all love ice cream so now it's your chance to make your own. 


Follow the instructions in the video and on the page. See if you can do it. 


Good luck with the experiment. 

How to make Ice Cream in a Bag

How to make ice cream in a bag without a freezer! Use the freezing power of salt and ice to make ice cream in a bag! Cool science experiment for kids.