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Literacy Tasks

Welcome to another week of Literacy fun!!!


This week -1- Kahoot, 2-Spellings, 3-Comprehension, 4- Longship Advert, 5- Verbs Work




How much can you remember about collective   nouns? - take on Mr Richardson and Mr Pinkerton!











Below you will find some ideas for learning and practising spellings. Make sure you know the meanings and give yourself a Friday test and see how you do!

Viking Comprehensions

Choose your level - Mild/Medium/Spicy

Read the following comprehensions twice, then answer in your books - remember, be a comprehension detective - Evidence/detail/read between the lines!

Good Luck, check your answers when finished.

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Longship Advert



Your written task is to pretend that you are a Viking Longship carpenter.

We want you to create an advert for your best longship using MSPublisher or Word or another Desk Top Publisher if you can.


Use all you have learned about persuasive language - 

 adverts often have offers e.g. discounts and competitions / adverts aim to convince you that you need the product /adverts may have a celebrity quote/adverts sometimes have catch phrases/adverts contain emotive words/adverts often contain promises/adverts have BOSSY VERBS / adverts use rhetorical questions/adverts use eye catching pictures/adverts give product information / adverts tell us where to buy the product and the price


Read the information on Longships to help you, then make your advert, be sure to include a name for your ship, what's good about it and how many gold coins it costs!

We have given a few examples to help you