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This week we are learning all about weight.


Weight is all about how heavy something is.


Your challenges this week 

  1. Look over the PowerPoint all about weight
  2. Watch the videos below
  3. Play some of the games on the PowerPoint
  4. Estimate and then weight items around your house
  5. Convert between g and kg
  6. Read and record weights on a scale
  7. Complete word problems



Measuring Mass Using Grams

Measure weight in grams and kilograms

Mass (Grams and Kilograms))

Converting Kilograms and Grams to Grams

Your next task this week is all about your tables


  • In your pack is a multiplication grid.  
  • You need to complete this grid as quickly as you can. 
  • Please get someone at home to time you.
  • Write the time taken at the top of the page.
  • Send us your time.
  • We will post the top 10 times from across P6


If you want to make your own grids click the link below


Multiplication Mash Up - A Fun Way to Learn Your Multiplication Facts!