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Have a go at these comprehensions, classed as medium and spicy - talk them over with someone at home if you can and don't worry about full sentences. You are trying to piece clues together from the text - it will not be spelled out for you, rather you will have to "read between the lines", be a good detective and see if you can work out what is happening! You don't have to do them all in one go - spread them out over the week.


Prepositions of place for children - The concept of space, for kids - Where things are

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"Preposition" by The Bazillions

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Preposition Maze Game - search out the bug that is the colour of the answer.

Viking Story


The Raid.

It's time to describe the Raid with lots of description – adjectives, verbs and adverbs can all be used to make the story feel alive and interesting. -

“ I felt the longboat bounce up and down and the thunder of the warrior’s feet, I knew it was time to raid the monastery! I peeked out and I could see they had pulled us up onto the shore, already the warriors were charging up the hill to the settlement. Eric the Red was leading the charge, without armour or tunic, bare-chested, screaming, he was a berserker, terrifying to watch charge towards you. I was glad he was on our side. By the time I got my sword and shield ready and climbed the hill the fighting had started. It was not how I imagined – there were screams from the Irish that hung in the air, clashing steel rang in my ears. I could smell smoke choking the back of my throat. There was slashing, cutting, shouting and fear and pain all around me, this was not what I had wanted…..”


There may be a problem that happens during the fighting, or perhaps you get left behind, maybe it is a successful raid and you save the life of a Viking warrior. You might even become friendly with one of the monks or Irish villagers, just make sure you have lots of detailed description so the reader can picture it. Use all that knowledge you now have about the raids. Take a photo and send it in.

Next week will be the voyage home!