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Welcome to P2

Thank you to everyone who has emailed us and  sent photographs of your wonderful work so far. It is great to share all the fantastic writing, art, topic work and numeracy with everybody. We love to see the photos of you and the great things you have been doing at home, so please keep them coming!

 A reminder of our email addresses:


Mrs O'Connor - soconnor693@c2kni.net

Mrs Shaw - cshaw335@c2kni.net


Remember to check out the 'Well being Wednesday' task this week.  It is about hobbies. 

Home Learning Week 12

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              Week 5

            Week beginning  4/05/20


Happy 6th Birthday to Sienna this week. 


Thank you for all the photographs of your wonderful work. We have loved reading your descriptions and sharing your fantastic artwork.


This week we are going to learn about crocodiles. 

Open the links to the video clip and PowerPoint to learn about crocodiles before answering the questions below in your workbook.

Video about Crocodiles. 

PowerPoint and questions.

Write four or five fascinating facts about crocodiles in your workbook.


 Let's get creative to make a crocodile picture. Maybe you could go outside and use twigs, leaves and petals to design an                   outdoor crocodile. 


Crocodile measuring activity

If you have a printer, use the crocodile sheet to cut out all                     the different sized crocodiles. How many of your smallest                       crocodiles would measure the same length as someone in your                   family?



Counting in fives activity

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Week 4

Week beginning  27/04/20

This week we will be reading one of Mrs Shaw's and Mrs O'Connor's favourite stories.There are lots of funny and clever characters in this book. Enjoy listening to or reading along with an adult using the links below. You could also watch the                      animated short film on YouTube.

read along book

To watch the animation on YouTube, use the links below.

Using the first link below, try to complete a few sentences describing The Enormous Crocodile.


Challenge Activity

The Enormous Crocodile, Trunky and  Roly Poly Bird are fantastic jungle characters. Open the writing frame link below and print it out. You can choose one of these characters to write a description about or pick one of your favourite clever tricks to retell. Use the word bank to help. Try to write three or more sentences about your chosen animal.


Now it is time to be creative and make your own crocodile. Perhaps you could use some of the examples below for ideas.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Numeracy number bonds game - use the link below.

Enjoy the story and have fun doing the activities. Keep checking the class page this week for more tasks. Remember to email us any photographs of your wonderful work.


Our email addresses:

Mrs O'Connor's  soconnor693@c2kni.net

Mrs Shaw's       cshaw335@c2kni.net

The P2 gallery of work about The Enormous Crocodile

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Week 3

Week beginning  20/04/20



Our new topic this term is all about The Jungle This week we would like you to find out about an animal that lives in the jungle. The links for some websites are below to help find some interesting facts abut your animal. You could also draw a picture of your jungle animal in its habitat and send us a photo of your great work by email.

Thank you to our very busy P2s who have sent us these photographs. Look at all the wonderful pictures of jungle animals and  excellent research work.

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Week 2

Week beginning  31/03/20


We hope everyone is working hard and enjoying doing the Studyladder tasks set for you.

Remember to keep reading and looking for ebooks online through Collins Big Cat reading scheme or Oxford Owls.

Here's an art task for you to do. Design your own Easter Egg using any materials, such as chalk, collage, paint or markers. We would love to see your finished pieces so maybe send us a photo by email if you have time.

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Here are some games for you to play,

to help you with your work each day.