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Borrow some coins if you can and let's practise adding coins and making money totals.  Everyone can try sheets 1 and 2 below.  


If you find them easy and would like a challenge, try the extension activity too.

Working with numbers 11-20

In Activity 1 below there are 12 empty sweet jars.  Draw the correct number of sweets in each jar.  You can either print the sheet to complete or just draw the jars in your exercise book.


In Activity 2, each description of a number on the left side matches one of the numerals written in the column on the right.  You can print the sheet out, cut out the pieces and match up.  Or you could colour to match if you prefer.  If you can't print out, just complete orally with a helper.

Data Handling 

Under The Sea Bar Chart





Activity 1 - Count the sea creatures in the box and complete the bar chart by colouring the boxes.  


Activity 2 - Extension.  Use your completed bar chart to answer the questions.  These answers can be written into your book if you wish.