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This week you have lots of fun activities to do. Use the printed sheets from your pack or an exercise book to write answers in.

First you will need scissors and glue and some colours.

Use the 2 pages from your pack to create an under the sea scene with all the little pictures. This could be an illustration                   for an underwater adventure story! You could add your own                     ideas too. 

Read the poem In Summer and answer the questions after. You can write your answers in your exercise book
Have fun finding all the seaside and under the sea words in the word searches. These are in your pack. You can also print them out using the links below.
Look for the 'tricky words' booklet in your pack. There are lots of activities to do to help you read, spell and remember these frequently used words.
Look in your pack for the tricky words Snakes and Ladders game. You will need a dice and 2 counters for you and another person to play. Watch out for the snakes! 

Read the caption and match to a picture.