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This week we are going to revise 3D shape.  Open the link here to remind you of the shape names, their properties and where you might see them in your home or outside.  3D shapes are all around us!!


You can then try the cut and stick sorting activity below.  Or find some 3D shaped things around your house or when you are out for a walk.  Take some photos, if you can.

Sharpen up your subtraction skills this week.  Try these ice cream sums!  Everyone try page 1 and if you find it easy, challenge yourself with page 2!

Favourite ice cream flavour survey

You are going to carry out a short survey and record your results using Tally marks.  Click on this link if you need to remind yourself how to use them





Ask everyone in your house which of the 3 flavours of ice cream they like best and record the results in the table.  If you can safely ask any other friends or family, even better!  

Record your results on the table provided below or draw your own table into your work book.