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This week we will be reading and writing about a trip to the beach. Read the non- fiction book below before trying to answer the questions. 


A Trip to the Beach

Open the link below. You will need to print the page or answer in your exercise book. It is very important that you are using the book A Trip to the Beach to help answer the questions.

What will you pack for your picnic?

Now open the link below to find the book and read carefully, At the Seaside with Biff and Chip. All the family went on holiday but there was nowhere to stay. 

At the Seaside

Think about a time when you went on a trip or holiday. Maybe you stayed with family or friends, in a tent or a cottage or even a hotel. Have a go at writing a postcard. Print the page below or make your own on card or coloured paper.

Seaside Glossary

Open the link below to find a list of words and their meanings. You will need to match the words to their correct meanings. Write the words in your exercise book or print the sheets. You do not need to do all the pages; Choose the appropriate level to suit individual abilities.  


This week you will be looking at words with the er, ir and ur sound. When you see er, ir or ur in a word, you say the same sound. 

UR ER IR - R controlled vowels song!

Hopefully you can have some fun singing about UR, ER, and IR! Who is the boss?

Open the links below to do the phonics activities. You could write the words in your exercise book or print the sheets.