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This week you are going to be reading and learning all about starfish.Do you already know anything about these beautiful sea creatures? First, read along with an adult, the  facts about starfish page. Then, look carefully at the questions below and choose the right answers. You can write your answers in your exercise book or print off the sheet below. Watch the starfish video                                                             on the create page to see a real                                                               starfish.


Open the link below to read 6 more interesting facts about starfish. You also have this page in your pack. Highlight the fact that you found most fascinating.

Write it onto the What I have learned about starfish page                   also in your pack.

Here is a lovely story about a starfish called Stan for you to enjoy reading along with an adult.


Look at all the seaside pictures below. Say the word and think, how many sounds can I hear? Write what you see when you say each sound. Remember some sound squares will have 2 letters for 1 sound. e.g. in surf there are 3 sounds     s  ur  f



Extension activity

Read and say all the seaside words and think about any words that rhyme.