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For the next few weeks we will be reading and writing about our new topic The Seaside and Summer. 

First let's look carefully at some photographs from the past and think about what it would have been like visiting the seaside a long time ago. 

The Seaside Then and Now

In the next activity have a go at sorting the seaside pictures into the right places. You will need to print these. 

Compare the seaside then and now.

Sally and the Limpet story

       Sally loved to explore in rock pools with her net. What might you find in a rock pool at the beach? Open the link below and use your exercise book or print the sheet to draw inside the bucket all the things you would see in a rock pool and maybe label                           them. Write a good sentence about what is in your bucket using a capital letter and

                       full stop.  

'OA' Phonics. Say oa together as in b oa t

Read the sounds separately and blend together. All the words have oa in the middle.

Say the words and label the oa pictures

Extension task 

When you see oa, o-e and ow, say the same sound

Have a go at the snakes and ladders game with the ow, oa and o-e sound in lots of words. You will need to print it out. Use a dice from the start and any little object that fits on each square to reach the end. Read all the pictures and words to say the  oa/ow/o-e sound. Look out for the snakes!