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Let's explore and compare the WEIGHT of objects this week.  First follow the link below to play a game which gets you to place objects on weighing scales.  Record how heavy they are and then identify which is heavier. Which ones weighs MORE?


After that, you can try the Cut and Paste Sorting Activity.  The picture sheet and the 2 sorting pages (Heavy and Light) can be printed from below, or are in your new pack.  Cut out the 10 boxes and stick on the correct page.  Heavy or Light?


Lastly, have a look at the pictures of the pan-balance scales.  Which show objects that weigh the same as each other?

Circle the pan-balances which show objects that weigh THE SAME AS each other


Between is an important word.  It is the time or space that separates 2 things. 

The ball is between the boxes.  Between break and lunch P2 are reading. Tuesday is the day between Monday and Wednesday.


Can you describe these pictures, using 'between'?




Now try the 2 worksheets.  You need to colour, circle or write the pictures, numbers or letters that are 'between'.  Read carefully! 

'Between' Worksheets

And last of all, some fun sheets to complete!


Decorate the deckchairs, match the patterns and make them as colourful as you wish!


There is also a Seaside Colour by Number