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First read the story. Then, look inside your pack for all the reading and writing activities linked to The Gingerbread Man. Use the story from here and also on Seesaw, to help with your activities. 

Introducing Syllables

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This week we are introducing you to syllables. Remember a syllable is a chunk of sounds! Clap for each chunk of sounds. 

             fan       tas        tic  

                               *         *           *

             3 syllables= 3 claps


Let's Learn About Syllables | Jack Hartmann

Build your body and brain while you learn about syllables. Jack Hartmann explains syllables are really parts of a word and they are like a beat that can be h...

In your packs this week, there are lots of syllables games and activities. Look at the pictures, say the word, hear it and clap for each syllable. 


  Your words to learn this week are


                this    put    with

Try making these words as creatively as you can. You could use a tray of rice, flour, cereal or pasta as we do in school.