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Wednesday 24th February

Wednesday 24th February


Morning Check in on Seesaw – this will be going live at 9 a.m., but don’t panic, you have all day to respond.


Phonics – Our sound of the week is i/y/ie/ui/e/u. Wednesday’s task is to complete your 6 spelling sentences like you would normally do as homework on a Wednesday. You can use your phonics book which you should have at home in your schoolbag.


Tables – I will post on Seesaw your tables which you can write down and try and then you can mark them yourself using the marking slide…no cheating. You are then going to…you guessed it….learn ALL your dividing tables tonight again!

Literacy- Comprehension


OK…so Mrs Boyd knows we don’t all like comprehension, however it is a VERY important aspect of our Literacy work in school. Check in with SEESAW this morning, where Mrs Boyd will take you through answering a comprehension and to show you how you can go about doing them.


It is so important for you to understand what you are reading and that’s why Mrs Boyd asks you to complete comprehensions. This week’s comprehension for Red, Blue, Green & Yellow Groups is called: The Glass Cupboard. After completing your answers in FULL sentences, I’d like you to predict what you think will happen next and then Mrs Boyd will post the second part of the story on SEESAW for you to listen to.


Purple Group – you have two short comprehensions in your pack. Read them carefully and answer in full sentences picking evidence from the text.

Numeracy – SEESAW Equations


Today, we’re going to be thinking about SEESAW equations in Numeracy. These can be a little tricky, but check in on SEESAW where Mrs Boyd will take you through a few examples that might help.


Before you try your work for today, why don’t you play a few of these Kahoots which help you practise a few skills needed for today after you’ve watched the explanation on SEESAW.


https://kahoot.it/challenge/04368205?challenge-id=f669baba-60dc-4f1d-8562-b384efa40148_1613389887814 or pincode:04368205


https://kahoot.it/challenge/0684578?challenge-id=f669baba-60dc-4f1d-8562-b384efa40148_1613390473118 or pincode:0684578

Topic (WAU) – The Water Cycle Continued


Today, we’re going to look in more detail at The Water Cycle. All the water we use has been around for years and year. Water cannot be made. It is a natural resource which is found naturally in the World.


The Water Cycle has 3 main parts to it with big scientific words. The words you need to know are evaporation, condensation and precipitation.


Go through the following PPT to learn more about The Water Cycle.

Water Cycle Song

The Water Cycle Song by Have Fun Teaching is a Water Cycle Video that introduces the Water Cycle, including Evaporation, Condensation, and Precipitation. Fre...

The Water Cycle | Educational Video for Kids

Hello friends, and welcome to another new Happy Learning video.Today we will learn about the water cycle. Earth, which is the planet we live on, is known as ...

Once you think you’ve mastered The Water Cycle, why don’t you have a go at your worksheet for today. You need to complete the cloze procedure by filling in the missing words and then draw your own picture of the water cycle in action! Here are more websites where you can find out more information and a few games you can play.





Well done for completing Wednesday’s activities. Rest up for another day of fun activities tomorrow and maybe do some reading if you can to finish your afternoon! J

Mrs Boyd xo