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Wednesday 13th January

Wednesday 13th January

Morning Check in on Seesaw – this will be going live at 9 a.m., but don’t panic, you have all day to respond.


Phonics – Our sound of the week is oi/oy….like you’re shouting at someone. Wednesday’s task is to complete your 6 spelling sentences like you would normally do as homework on a Wednesday. You can use your phonics book which you should have at home in your schoolbag. Maybe you could play 10 minutes of Nessy also?


Tables – Usually in school Tuesday-Thursday we would practise our mental maths focus. I will post on Seesaw Mrs Boyd calling out your tables which you can write down and try and then you can mark them yourself using the marking slide…no cheating. You are then going to learn your x9 tables today for tomorrow…but again, this is your Numeracy lesson for today.

Literacy-Changing boring verbs


This week we have been learning about verbs. We know that verbs are the action words in sentences which tell us what is happening in the sentence, e.g. jump, dance, run etc. Today I’d like you to find the verbs in the sentences, however they aren’t very exciting verbs. In fact, you might say they’re a little boring. Once you’ve found the verbs, you can change the verb in the sentence into a more exciting verb with the same meaning. Have a look at the PPT below which might help you along a little.

You might find changing the verbs tricky, so you could use an online thesaurus to help you find words with similar meanings. Here is one you could try https://kidthesaurus.com/

Numeracy – x9 Tables


At the start of January, there is huge emphasis on times tables and we spend a lot of time revising and learning our tables. The focus for today is to revise x9 tables which you may find a little harder than last week, however the 9s have a very special way in which we can remember and learn them.

Watch this to see how….

Multiplication Trick | Full-Time Kid | PBS Parents

Learn your nine times tables in just a few minutes with Mya, the Full-Time Kid!Meet Mya! She's a full-time kid and proud of it. Her job is sharing fun educat...

Have a listen at the following songs which may help and then play the following games by choosing x9 tables to practise.





Nine Times Table Song (90's Song Mashup)

Mr. DeMaio and friends sing the 9x table song over some of the biggest hits from the 90's. Learn your nine times multiplication facts while jamming out to so...

Now complete your x9 pages in your booklet as accurately as you can. Someone at home may like to mark them or you can send me pictures of them on SEESAW if you wish.


There are also times tables PODS on Studyladder that you can play after you have finished your work if you want some extra practice. J

Topic (WAU) – Life in a Settlement


For your topic work today, I’d like you to think about all the different jobs that would be taking place on a Mesolithic Campsite. Obviously we know that the main jobs of early people were hunting and gathering, however there were so many other jobs that the did. Have a look at the picture of the campsite that you have been given in your workpack. Stick it into your topic book and see how many different jobs you can list. You can colour in the page afterwards, or you may like to label where the jobs are?


Also check out your SEESAW CLASS APP after 11:30 a.m. today for an extra challenge of finding all the jobs on a different campsite as an activity you can complete on SEESAW if you wish! 


The link below will take you to the Mountsandel website where you can learn lots more about our topic. Remember to only click on The Mesolithic tab for now. laugh

Well done for completing Wednesday's activities. Rest up for another day of fun activities tomorrow and maybe do some reading if you can to finish your afternoon! 

Mrs Boyd xo laugh