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Tuesday 23rd February

Tuesday 23rd February


Morning Check in on Seesaw – this will be going live at 9 a.m., but don’t panic, you have all day to respond.


Phonics – Our sound of the week is i/y/ie/ui/e/u Tuesday’s task in your booklet is to Guess the Word? The timetable is wrong, however have a go at Guess the Word today and the word list you need will appear on SEESAW this morning.  Maybe you could play 10 minutes of Nessy also?


Tables –I will post on Seesaw your tables which you can write down and try and then you can mark them yourself using the marking slide…no cheating. You are then going to learn ALL of your dividing tables tonight again too…Practise makes perfect!

Literacy – More work on Contractions


Today you’re going to continue your work on using the apostrophes for contraction. I have two Kahoots organised for you which I’d love you to play to practise your new skills and a few other games you might enjoy too before trying your work for today!


https://kahoot.it/challenge/03401794?challenge-id=f669baba-60dc-4f1d-8562-b384efa40148_1613387349093 or pincode:03401794

https://kahoot.it/challenge/09244933?challenge-id=f669baba-60dc-4f1d-8562-b384efa40148_1613387476974 or pincode:09244933




Numeracy – More work on Brackets


You’re going to continue your super work that you started on brackets yesterday. Remember to complete the brackets first. Before you complete your work for today, maybe you’d like to try this puzzle PPT where you need to try and work out the target number by using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You can use brackets if you wish too.

I love these and they really help you revise all of your number work. I will show you an example on SEESAW! 

WAU – Introduction to Water (KWL)

and The Water Cycle


Our new topic is, ‘WATER’. At the start of a new topic, we usually spend time in class discussing two questions:

What do you know already? And What would you like to know?


I think this is something we could do at home also. I have given you a KWL grid in your pack this week and I’d like you to spend some time today filling in the K and W part of the page. What do you already know about water (1-3 things) and what would you like to find out about this topic? (1-3 things).


In your topic book, leave a few pages after your Early Man topic and stick your KWL page in. The page before (which should be black) can be your front cover of your Water topic in your book and you can design this page as we go through the topic with a title and some pictures.


Maybe you’d like to send me a video of what you know and what you’d like to find out if you feel comfortable?

The Water Cycle


Pour yourself a glass of water and take a sip. Did you know that the water you’ve just swallowed is the same water that woolly mammoths, King Tutankhamun and the first humans drank? That’s because Earth has been recycling water for over 4 billion years!

The world’s water moves between lakes, rivers, oceans, the atmosphere and the land in an ongoing cycle called – you guessed it! – the water cycle. As it goes through this continuous system, it can be a liquid (water), a gas (vapour) or a solid (ice).


So, are all you budding young geographers ready to learn some splashing new facts? Then join NG KiDS as we take a look at the different stages of the wonderful water cycle. All I’d like you to do today is to explore this website and to colour the little pin wheel activity you have in your pack. You will find the split pin in the plastic bag in your pack too. We’ll be looking at The Water Cycle further tomorrow.

The Amazing Cycle of Water

I have also put a little experiment in your pack and this might be something you’d like to try out at home too. You don't need blue food colouring as you will see in the video above! 


Class Novel – Chapter 3 on SEESAW


Well done for completing Tuesday’s activities. Rest up for another day of fun activities tomorrow and maybe do some reading if you can to finish your afternoon! J

Mrs Boyd xo