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Monday 22nd February

Monday 22nd February


Morning Check in on Seesaw – this will be going live at 9 a.m., but don’t panic, you have all day to respond. Don’t forget pack pick up today is from 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. and we would like you to wear a mask when doing so.


Phonics – Our sound of the week is ‘i’ and your variations are i/y/ie/ui/e/u. Monday’s phonics task will be your sound sort and these are your spellings for the week. Maybe while you’re waiting for your pack, you could play 10 minutes of Nessy?


Tables – Your tables this week are dividing tables and you have an information page in your pack. Today I’d like you to revise ALL of your dividing tables. Remember…these are essential for progress in P5, so PLEASE spend lots of time this week revising your division tables.

Literacy – The Apostrophe for Contractions


This week, we’re going to look at using the apostrophe for contractions.  The apostrophe is like a comma, but it is up in the air. I always like to remember:

A for Apostrophe = A for Air

A contraction is two words shortened to one word with the use of an apostrophe. The apostrophe always replaces some letters which you are taking away and they are usually vowels (but sometimes extra letters too). We must ALWAYS remember to leave a little gap underneath the apostrophe too.


You are à you’re          have not à haven’t        I would à I’d

Spend some time watching the videos below to become familiar with common contractions and there is a PPT to help too. You can also spend some time playing the following games to help with your work today.



Phonics Song A Contraction Has an Apostrophe With Miss Jenny The ENTIRE Edutunes Song for FREE!

Contractions! | English Grammar Practice | Scratch Garden

Learn contractions by watching this video! Our 2ND CHANNEL is on Patreon! ►► https://www.patreon.com/scratchgarden ◄◄Contractions are English short form word...

Numeracy – Using Brackets in Numeracy


This week, we’re going to look at using brackets in our Maths work. When we use brackets, we need to complete the calculation in the brackets FIRST, before doing the rest of the question.


Completing calculations or equations with brackets are easy peasy, when you know how. Follow the following steps to get it right every time and remember to practise those tables, if you’re still unsure of some of them.

Steps to success…

  1. Always complete the brackets first and write this answer above the brackets – you may choose to write it in a different colour?
  2. Complete the new calculation using the answer to your brackets. (Sometimes, you may have two brackets – do them both first)
  3. Check your answer!

Check SEESAW for more explanation of using brackets and then try your work for today!


P.E. – Alphabetix


As I am on the rota every Monday, I am moving your P.E. session to a Monday afternoon. This should also ease your written work a little on a Monday when you are only collecting your pack in the morning.


For this Half-term, we’re going to be thinking about Alphabetix. You have a poster in your pack which you need to keep somewhere safe, as you’re going to need it for the next 5 weeks. J



Alphabetix is an active programme designed by Activity Northern Ireland where each letter of the alphabet is represented by an action/activity. For today I’d like you to watch the two videos below and try to focus on the two words: ACTIVE and FRIDAY.

Perhaps as an extension you could try to do the activities to spell the word MONDAY! Remember you have to complete the action for each letter 10 times. Have fun getting active today and feel free to send me some photos or a short video! I’d love to see you doing some P.E.

Alphabetix | E01 - ACTIVE | Follow along kids fitness workout

Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle! Follow along with Coach Ronan as he completes today's work out word - ACTIVE. A - Jumping JacksC - SquatsT - PlankI...

Alphabetix | E02 - FRIDAY | Follow along kids fitness workout

Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle! Follow along with Coach Ronan as he completes today's work out word - FRIDAY. F - Frog JumpsR - Push-UpsI - Toe Tou...

Well done for completing Monday’s activities. Rest up for another day of fun activities tomorrow and maybe do some reading if you can to finish your afternoon! J

Mrs Boyd xo