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Friday 8th January

Friday 8th January

Morning Check in on Seesaw CLASS APP– this will be going online at 9 a.m., but don’t panic if you haven’t got up and running with it yet. The children will have all day to respond if they wish! As this is an activity, the video can only be accessed via the CLASS version of the APP. You can download this on a phone/tablet or it can be accessed on a computer/laptop also. Follow the instructions on the home learning code page in your child’s home learning pack.


Phonics - Perhaps the children would be allowed to play 10 minutes of Nessy this morning if they are able?


Handwriting - In January of P5, we usually start to work in handwriting pen, but don’t worry about that just yet. I would like you to spend some time practising your handwriting on Friday of this week, as I’m sure you haven’t been doing much writing and remember, you usually do handwriting with Mrs McAuley on a Friday anyway, so we’re keeping with routine.

Use the work book you have been given in your pack and choose a lined page to write out this poem. You can then illustrate your poem too like we do in class. Don’t forget to upload to your Seesaw journal to show me your great work. I’d love to see it! Mrs Boyd J


The focus for today is to revise x3/4 which I know a lot of the children are competent in again. We have been working hard on our tables in P5 and I’ve been really pleased with the results.  Please visit the internal link below to go to lots of games and ideas for revising those tables and maybe focus on x3/4 for today.



The children can then complete the remaining 6 pages of their Tables Revision booklet for today. The last two pages revise all x2/5/10/3 and 4 tables. When matching the items, I usually ask the children to colour match them by colouring in which makes it a little tidier than lots of lines everywhere joining things.

There is also an extension colouring booklet and a dice game that the children could play. There are also two times tables PODS on Studyladder. Plenty to keep them busy. J

PDMU Mindfulness Activity

Take some time out today to do some Hot Chocolate breathing. Use the hot chocolate breathing page in your pack and follow the instructions. I got a new fancy watch for Christmas, which reminds me to stop during the day to do some breathing exercises to help me distress and stay calm in body and mind.  


Mindfulness for Joy Exercise – I have given you the script for this activity. Maybe someone at home could read it for you or you could read it for yourself?


Close your eyes and sit comfortably. Place your hands together imagining you’re holding a cup of hot chocolate. Feel the warmth in your hands, the smell of the chocolate. Feel the warmth of the cup go to your hands, up your arms, into your body and into your chest. Feel your heart beating and as your heart beats with warmth, let your thoughts turn to the things that bring you warmth and happiness.


Now think of a time when you feel warm and fuzzy inside and your heart fills up. What activity, place, thing or person warms your heart?

After you have finished experiencing the hot chocolate activity, you can complete your ‘Warming your Heart’ mug activity by writing things on 4 marshmallows that warm your heart.  

Please share some of your finished mugs of hot chocolate with me! I’d love to see them. After this activity, you can enjoy the hot chocolate from your pack as a Friday afternoon treat…you deserve it! Maybe you could send me some pictures by uploading them to your Seesaw journal of you drinking your hot chocolate.


Well done for completing Friday’s activities. Have a lovely weekend and stay safe with your family.

Mrs Boyd xo