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Some World War 2 Timelines

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World Around Us Week 4


We are going to leave Titanic behind and begin our summer topic – The Second World War.

This week, we want you to get an overview of WW2 and learn what it was about and what happened. These two videos will help explain:

A Brief Overview of World War II

World War 2 for Kids | A world war 2 crash course for kids

Download these PowerPoints – they will tell you more about WW2:

Your task this week is to design a WW2 timeline. We’d like you to include the following events. We have left off the dates – you will need to do some research to find out exactly when they happened. The PowerPoints will help you, or you can use Google. 


  • End of WW1
  • Hitler elected Chancellor of Germany
  • Germany invades Austria
  • Germany invades Poland
  • Britain/France declare war on Germany
  • Surrender of France
  • German invasion of Russia
  • Japan attaches USA navel base at Pearl Harbour
  • USA declares war on Germany and Japan
  • German surrender at Stalingrad, Russia
  • Surrender of Italy
  • D-Day – allied invasion of France
  • Germany surrenders
  • Japan surrenders


You can draw out your timeline, or use your computer. Keep it simple, or be as creative as you can - it's up to you. 

We would really like to see your timelines, please email them to us. 


Here are two simple examples that may help. Click on them to make them bigger.