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WW2 - The Battle of Dunkirk


The Battle of Dunkirk took place in May 1940 and saw the entire British army evacuated from the beaches of France. It was a vital moment in WW2 that gave Britain the opportunity to continue fighting Nazi Germany. Many small British fishing boats helped in the evacuation and it has become one of the most famous episodes of the war. 


Find out more about the battle by downloading and reading through this PowerPoint that we would normally use in class..

Battle of Dunkirk PowerPoint

You can now watch these videos - they will  give you more details about The Battle of Dunkirk.

Dunkirk Evacuation (1940)

Dunkirk | Animated History

Dunkirk Evacuation explained in 1 Minute and 47 Seconds(Real Story)

Dunkirk Website Links


These links will also provide you with information about Dunkirk.

WW2 Battleships


Check out our gallery below to see what WW2 battleships looked like. Sometimes battleships could be aircraft carriers too. Some battleships were painted in bright colours and patterns - these are called 'Dazzle Ships' and were designed to confuse submarines who were trying to sink boats.