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Here is Mia Rose working hard researching WW2 and VE Day information. Below, Mia and Dylan present their report!

Mia Rose and Dylan

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Week 5 World Around Us


This week we are going to explore what life was like for an evacuee. During WW2 children were evacuated out of the cities to live in the country due to the dangers of heavy bombing.

These links will give you lots of further information. 

Horrible Histories

An evacuee tells her story

Horrible Histories WWII evacuee in Farm horror movie

Your challenge this week is to write a letter from the point of view of a child who has been evacuated from Belfast to a farm just outside the village of Comber. Think about:

  • Do you miss your parents?
  • What was the journey like getting there?
  • Are you happy that your teacher has been evacuated with you?
  • What differences might there be between living in the country and living in the city?
  • Are you worried about your family back in the city?
  • How do your new family treat you? Who do you live with?
  • Do you prefer living in the city or living in the country?
  • What activities have you been doing in the country/on the farm?


Remember to set out your letter correctly. You can use the template below, or write your letter in your book. 

Here are some PowerPoints that will tell more about life during WW2. 

Evacuee Suitcase


Think about what an evacuee would need in their suitcase. Don’t forget your WW2 essentails, you will have to have a ration book and a gas mask. But what else might you bring?

  • What clothes would you bring?
  • What toys might you pack


Use the template below to draw and label the items in your suitcase. Or draw one out in your book. We’ve also included an information sheet to help you out.

WW2 Spelling Mistakes


Read the document below about evacuation during WW2. Can you find the 10 spelling mistakes?

VE Day


Friday is VE Day - Victory in Europe Day. We will give you a few ideas for VE Day later in the week, but, for now, you can learn about VE day below. 



VE Day Showreel | Victory 75