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This term we are learning about the rainforest.  This is a brilliant topic and the children will really enjoy it.


Things we learn about

  • What a rainforest is
  • Where rainforests are located around the world
  • What animals live in the rainforest
  • The different layers of the rainforest
  • Why rainforests are under threat.
  • The importance of rainforests in modern day medicine.
  • ​​​​​The people who live in the rainforest in tribes
  • We make our own rainforest in a bottle.
  • we use Greenscreen to record as if we are live in the rainforest
  • we make rainforest animals using pipe cleaners.


Below are some links to websites all about the rainforest.  To find out more you can also type rainforest facts for kids into Google.


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