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WAU - The Blitz

Week 3 World Around Us 


The Blitz


We are going to learn this week about the blitz. This was when the Luftwaffe (the German airforce) bombarded British cities (including Belfast) with bombs, causing a huge amount of damage and destruction.

Did you know that the Luftwaffe flew up Strangford Lough and over Comber on their way to Belfast??


These videos will help explain to you what the blitz was and what life was like for people in British cities. 

The Blitz (1940-41)

Living through air raids | History - Children of World War Two

Understanding the Blitz in 2 minutes

The Belfast Blitz

The Belfast Blitz 2

Art task


Can you draw a blitz picture? This works best if you have crayons or colouring pencils. Try and create a background that looks like fire (think about what colours you could use) and use some black paper to create a city background. If you don’t have black paper, just draw a pencil sketch of a city skyline and shade it in – that will be very effective too. There are some examples below:

We’d love to see what you come up with.