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Over the last 4 weeks at home you have been planning a Viking story, creating a storyboard and then writing the different sections of the story bit by bit.


Now the story is coming to an end.


It's time to describe the journey home from your raid.  Remember to add in lots of description and don’t forget about adjectives, verbs and adverbs to make the story feel alive and interesting.   Remember to add in lots of emotions too.


Think about what happens on the journey back.  There may be a problem that happens or you might be celebrating a great victory.  You decide.



Now the story should be complete. Is anyone going to be brave and record themselves reading their story?  If  not that's ok.  We would just love to see your whole story so please email us a copy.


We look forward to reading your whole stories.


Again thanks to those who have been able to send us the different parts of the story each week


Good luck

How to Write a Great Ending for Stories