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The 3 States of Water


This week in our topic we want to look a little closer at water itself. 

Water can be found in 3 different states.


1. Solid  - when water becomes a solid it is known as ice.


2. Liquid - this is how we generally see/know water.

Water in your water bottle is a liquid and you can drink it.


3. Gas - When water becomes a gas it evaporates, for example, when you boil a kettle.


Now have a look at both PPTs and both clips below to find out more....

More on the 3 States of Water


On Tuesday we are going to continue to look into the 3 states of water. For your task today I want you to read the 6 questions given to you and try to think carefully about what the answer might be.


Then use the options given to choose the correct answer  -  

 0 C

Water vapour



100 C


1000 C



You will need to watch the video clip below before you start to give you a helping hand.




Have a look at the puddle experiment in the word document below. Try it out and when you are finished make sure you stick on your wellies and jump in the puddles!!

Liquid to Solid

Now have a look at the word document below talking you through the liquid to solid experiment.

Have some fun with ice today, enjoy!



On Thursday afternoon during your topic time I would like you to try the

Why soap works experiment.


Have a look at the video clip below and then watch my short description of the experiment on your Seesaw.