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We are now ready to start a new topic. Our topic from now until Easter will be Water.

Today I want you to start simple by designing a colourful front cover for this topic.

One has been started for you in your pack which you can complete or if you prefer you can start a completely new cover. Make sure it includes pictures and a few words. Think about what you use water for - drinking, washing, playing, gardening etc




You are now ready to complete your KWL  page like we would in class at the start of every new topic.


Remember K = is for what you already KNOW about water. It could be something as simple as it's uses. Can you list 3 things in this column.


Then W  = Is for WHAT you would like to find out about water. Please give me at least 2 things in this column. I can't wait to find out what you want us all to research together.


I have left the L section off your page in the pack as this is always completed at the end to state what you have learnt from the topic. 

Investigate the Water Cycle


In preparation for our work on the water cycle next week I would like you to investigate the key words given to you in your pack - 


1. Evaporation

2. Precipitation

3. Condensation

4. Environment


Brief bullet points will be enough as we will be finding out a lot more detail about these words next week.

You could use a dictionary or look the words up online. 

Look at the information below to give you a little clue.

Water, Water Everywhere!


Did you know that only a very small amount of the water on Earth is drinkable?


Your challenge today is to stop and think about water. It is truly amazing. We use it so much we could not live without it, yet we often take it for granted. 


Write down the top 10 uses of water on the droplets given.

The PPT below might give you a few ideas.


When you have finished why not also try to find out about the 3 interesting points listed on your page. 

Golden Time


Your child (and you) deserve it!