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Topic (WAU) – Design a Stone Age Weapon


We spent some time in school looking at the tools and weapons which people in The Stone Age would have used.  Your task for this week is to design your own stone age weapon. It could be similar to something they already used with 1 slight difference. Remember the different materials you have access to: wood, animal sinews for string, strong reeds and of course flint which remember can be shaped into a range of difference shapes using flint knapping. I have put a link to a video where you can see some flint knapping in action. I hope you enjoy designing your new weapon. You can stick your page into your topic book and don’t forget to upload a photo to Seesaw for me to see.


Extension: As a little extension, you may want to try and make your weapon design out of things at home?

KS2 Prehistory - Stone Age flint knapping

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