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Studyladder- Measures

Focus- Time

  • Watch the following video lessons on TIME, before completing the set time activities on Studyladder. 

Make your own clock to practice making analogue & digital times

Number Work

Focus- Times Tables




  • Play the following online games and then complete the multiplication and division workbook below. Don't forget to watch the videos on our class page linked to multiplying.
  • Start where you are comfortable but try to challenge yourself too.
    (There is no expectation that all children complete all times tables. We understand that not all children will be working at the same level).

Measures- Weight

Focus- Weighing

  • Can you use the conversion chart and weigh out items just as shopkeepers had to during rationing in WW2?
  • Below you can see an image of items available through the rationing scheme and the amount you would have been allowed per person for 1 week.
  • Surplus to this you would have had 16 points. How would you spend your 16 points? 
    • 2lbs of lentils - 4 points
    • 2lbs of rolled oats- 4 points
    • 2 cans of baked beans - 4 points
    • Bread/ Small bag of flour- 4 points
  • What do you think of rationing?