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P.E. if you have a spare 25 mins!

P.E. – BBC Winter Sports Programme 1

This week, we’re going to start a three week BBC radio programme on Winter Sports. Today’s programme focuses on Snow Sports and you may need to pause throughout the programme when asked to do so and it lasts around 20-30 minutes depending on how long you pause for. The children enjoy these in school each year and I hope the children enjoy them at home also. I know it’s not ideal, however hopefully they’ll give it a go. At times they may be asked to partner up etc, but I’m sure they could improvise.


The first session explores snow sports dance-sequences, with snowboarding and a slalom-skiing race. The slalom skiing race asks the children to sit in a class circle and weaving in and out of it. Maybe they could set up some cuddly toys at home in a circle and use this instead. J